Some Common Questions We Are Asked

What is ‘Ring a Link’?
Ring a Link is a rural bus service for ALL people living in counties Carlow, Kilkenny and South Tipperary.
Ring a Link bus services are door-to-door bus services. This means the bus will collect you from your door, takes you to a central drop off point in town and return you to your door.
‘Ring a Link’ is the trading name for Carlow, Kilkenny & South Tipperary Rural Transport Ltd.

Does my area have a Ring a Link service?
There is a comprehensive timetable on our web page entitled “Bus Times”. It is impossible to list every rural town-land area on the timetable, if you do not see your area listed, please ring the office on 1890 42 41 41 and we will be able to tell you what services are available to you.

Who is Ring a Link for?
Ring a Link is a rural bus service for all - locals, tourists, young, old, school children, workers, retired people, in fact anyone who wants to get out and about. The service can be used to get to your local centre for shopping, the doctor, chemist, accessing employment, visiting friends, training or just to enjoy the social and recreational activities in your area.

How do I get on the bus?
If you are new to the service please request a membership form from 1890 42 41 41. We will send you a form with a stamp addressed envelope. The directions you give on the membership form will be updated on our computer system and we will ring you and confirm that you may go ahead and travel. Alternatively, download the membership form from the REGISTER page and email it back to us at Or you can submit your membership application form via the website.
Once you are registered, all you need to do is ring and book your seat on the bus whenever you want to travel. You can book your seat anytime between 9.00 - 4.30 pm Monday to Friday and 9.00 – 12.30 pm Saturday. If you do not book your seat the bus will not collect you. You can book a seat up to a week in advance.

Why do I have to register?
Ring a Link is a travel club of which the passengers are members. The information given on the membership form is updated onto our computer system, which then plans the bus route you will be collected on. When you ring to book your seat, your details will be called up, and An approximate time of collection will be given to you by the Office Dispatcher based on the information you gave us on your form about where you live. It only takes a couple of minutes to make the call and confirm your travel time.

Is it expensive to call Ring a Link?
The 1890 42 41 41 number is a lo-call number, it is cheaper than a local call. This number ensures that you get straight through to the booking line quickly. If you are calling to book outside booking hours, please leave a message and a Dispatcher will call you back next working day after 9.00am to confirm whether you may travel.

Do I need to book every time I travel?
If you are going to use the bus regularly, we may offer you a repeat booking, which would mean you would not have to ring us every-time you travel. However it is important to note that if you do not require the seat you must cancel it in advance, otherwise there is a fine of €6 payable to the driver the next time you travel.

When should I book?
Ideally you should book a few days in advance, especially on popular routes, however the latest time is 4.30pm the day before. (We can sometimes facilitate booking you on the bus on the day of travel, if the seat is available and we can make contact with the driver).

If I see the Ring a Link bus in town, can I book through the bus driver?
If you are a new passenger you have to fill out a membership form first and send it to the office. We will then call you and let you know you may go ahead and travel.
If you are already a member, you must call the office to book your seat the driver cannot take bookings.

Where do I get picked up and dropped off?
All services collect from your door and return you to your door. Check with the office to see what the central drop off point is for the town you are travelling too. Note, in some cases, there may be more than one drop off.

How much does it cost?
Currently the Adult return fare is €6 / €3 single, Under 16s - €4 return / €2 single, Under 4s are free and the Free Travel Pass is accepted.

Can I use my Free Travel Pass?
Yes! (Please note that if you do not cancel in advance a booked seat that you decide not to use, you are also liable for the fine of €6.)

What times can I travel?
Please ring the office and speak to one of the Dispatchers on 1890 42 41 41 for specific travel time information.